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About Me

Women ain’t as complicated as some make it sound. All they want are compliments, a soft touch and a guy who treats them right…. Just like the cars in my shop. You gotta get under the hood, and be good with your hands. Learn all the subtle tricks to get the best performance out of her. Only difference is, women don’t come with a manual from the manufacturer lol

I’ve owned my own auto shop for a while. I get plenty of ladies in distress when they blow out a tire or forget to change the oil on their ride. It doesn’t take much convincing to get them blowing out something else, or to have them let me change their oil in my office while the goons at my shop are under their car in the service bay. You’d be surprised how much pussy some auto skills can get you!

My Info

Birthday :
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Education :
Mechanic Courses
Current Job :
Car mechanic
Slogan :
I’ll get that engine running….

These Girls Have What It Takes

Unique personalities, with complete backstories and varying personalities, each new rendezvous is a true first date with a whole new mate! Having a one night stand with a new woman every night just got a whole lot easier!