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About Me

When you work in the kitchen as long as I have you get to see and meet pretty much everyone and everything at some point or another. I can’t begin to tell you how many Latino staffers have whistled at me, or the number of delivery guys I have caught taking a second look at my ass on their way back to the loading dock. Is it really that hard to find one guy willing to be a gentleman?

Romantic walks, dressing in a suit and tie, going out ballroom dancing…. To some that may all sound old fashioned, but to me it’s so much classier than hey look at this pic of my dick and tell me if you want to have sex. I need a man who’s a great kisser, someone with strong hands, and an honest smile. If you are real… show me and I promise you won’t ever want to look anywhere else for another lover. I’m your girl!

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Junior College
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Is It Getting Hot In Here?

The Best Sex Game Ever Created

With an amazing array of characters and wild combination of sexual styles the possibilities are endless. See for yourself right now!