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About Me

Paging Doctor Deep… is that what I heard you say? Yes I’ve been called arrogant plenty of times but that doesn’t bother me a bit. I’m a well-paid doctor with a beamer, a beautiful home and a yacht. Best of all, I’m damn near 9 inches uncut and I’ve spent half my life learning exactly how the human body works. That means when it comes to sex, you get the best… the very best… but you better be willing top go DEEP.

Nothing ruins the mood faster than having my cock balls-deep in a pretty girl and then listening to her whine that she’s just too tight. Your pussy is made to stretch, that’s what the skin does if you give it a chance. I know… because I’m a fucking DOCTOR. So lay back, listen to the good Doctor and keep your knees pinned right next to your ears. If I’m gonna get this Lance all the way inside you, I’m going to need you to point your toes at the ceiling and pull your legs out of the way. This won’t hurt a bit!

My Info

Birthday :
Family status :
Open Marriage
Education :
Med School
Current Job :
Slogan :
Go Deep or Go Home!

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