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About Me

These other “ladies” are so fucking uptight about sex. Romance? WTF! Here’s the deal boyz, I sling pussy for a living. If you have the money in your wallet and the time in your day planner, I can be at your place or mine anytime. Prefer the GFE or the PSE? Just let me know when you need and I’ll be sure to make those wildest dreams cum true!

Did I mention with the right guys I’m a squirter? Have you had a look at my new tits? If you ask nicely I’ll let you stick your cock in my ass… hell, if you tip well you don’t even have to ask nicely, just let me lube you up with that thick spit from deep down my throat before you jam that big cock in my dumper and let me throat you again ATM for the massive facial cumshot we both want to see most!

My Info

Birthday :
Family status :
Always Single
Russian and English
Education :
School of Hard Knocks
Current Job :
Porn Star
Slogan :
Nothing is sexier than making you happy

These Girls Have What It Takes

Unique personalities, with complete backstories and varying personalities, each new rendezvous is a true first date with a whole new mate! Having a one night stand with a new woman every night just got a whole lot easier!