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About Me

I aint here for your words. I don’t care what you are up to. Show me your dick. Now… I mean it, if you ain’t got the balls to show it then you prolly ain’t got a clue how to use it! I like big cock, the kind of dick that makes me feel like there ain’t enough room in my chest for the whole thing to fit in there with all my other internal organs. If you thrust your shaft in my holes and I feel pressure in the roof of my mouth Im just gonna shout GET IT IN THERE DEEPER!

Sometimes I gotta fuck three, four, five guys in a night because I aint ever found just one who could do it all right. I need a man with stamina. A guy who isn’t interested in my needs and uses my worthless self for his own enjoyment. If you read this much you are already too much of a pussy to give me what I need. Pull my hair, slap my face, HARD and if I ain’t crying when you done fucking me… you did it wrong!

My Info

Birthday :
Family status :
English and German
Education :
Graduate School
Current Job :
Bartender at a Nightclub
Slogan :

These Girls Have What It Takes

Unique personalities, with complete backstories and varying personalities, each new rendezvous is a true first date with a whole new mate! Having a one night stand with a new woman every night just got a whole lot easier!