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About Me

It’s hard to find a great date when you are at work as often as I am. Someone to come home to after a night shift serving drinks and foie gras to wealthy guests… someone who wants to give me the same kind of attention and affection I’m willing to give back. I can be the best lover you’ve ever had, if you’re willing to be the best I’ve ever been with as well.

Growing up in Russia I went through plenty to find my way to the States. It wasn’t an easy road, but I’m always an optimist and things are definitely looking up for me as of late. I just got a promotion at the bistro where I work, and if I could just find the right guy to build a life together with… my whole story would finally be complete!

My Info

Birthday :
Family status :
Dating But Looking
Russian and German
Education :
High School
Current Job :
Cocktail Waitress
Slogan :
How can I serve you better?

The Best Sex Game Ever Created

With an amazing array of characters and wild combination of sexual styles the possibilities are endless. See for yourself right now!