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About Me

So… what I’m really looking for is a loving couple interested in being part of a triad. I’ve always been bisexual, and I’ve had more than my share of sexy men and women along the way. Now, I want to be with a man and women who are willing to share their special relationship with me. Open marriages are way more common than they used to be, and I’ve been to so many swinger parties with awesome people who are willing to get beyond the whole one man and one woman dynamic. Let’s make it happen!

Best bet for me is a couple with a dominant man and a submissive woman because I’m a switch. I can fight right in the middle between you… willing to heed the wishes of his… while helping to instruct her when she gets too bratty. For me its not any sort of BDSM kind of thing, it’s just that there always will be a pecking order in any relationship and with three of us I feel like its even more important that we define our roles right from the start. Thanks for thinking of me!

My Info

Birthday :
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Education :
Beauty School Dropout
Current Job :
Hair Stylist
Slogan :
I’m up for anything!

As Real As it Gets

Paired with next generation haptic devices you can sense and feel every moment of the action with all the excitement, friction and anticipation as the characters portrayed.