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About Me

Ever since I can remember, I was always the tallest and the fastest. I got a big arm, good enough to get a varsity scholarship at one of the big schools. Then I blew out my knee. Rehab is going good and I should be back on the field soon the doc says, but in the meantime I gotta keep my cardio up somehow. Thankfully every girl dreams of being a cheerleader or a rally girl on pep squad dating the Varsity QB….

Let’s get into the training room and I’ll show you what it feels like to be with a man who is a whole evolutionary step ahead of the rest. The power, strength and athleticism that lets me run a 4 second 40 or to throw a ball in a bucket from 50 yards away shows up between the sheets too… I can promise you that… or you can just come see for yourself ladies!

My Info

Birthday :
Family status :
Education :
College Varsity
Current Job :
Football Player
Slogan :
He Could Go All The Way!

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