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About Me

I’ve been married to him for 8 years. When we first got together it was great. He used to bring me flowers, caress my hair, give me a back rub on occasion and the sex really was hot. The way he pulled my ponytail, and slapped my ass when I back-talked him always got me so turned on! Now he seems to just be going through the motions and I need a man who fucks me like when I was single!!!

I’m not superkinky but jeez, can we get past the same few positions every night? Fuck me in the kitchen, and grab something useful from the fridge to open me up even more. Rent out a motel with a fireplace and let me be the other woman for you once in a while. I’m married, I’m bored… and I’ll do damn near anything for a man who can make me feel the way I used to about sex!

My Info

Birthday :
Family status :
Education :
Some College
Current Job :
Unemployed, Housewife
Slogan :
I need to be fucked like when I was single!

As Real As it Gets

Paired with next generation haptic devices you can sense and feel every moment of the action with all the excitement, friction and anticipation as the characters portrayed.