While definitely not required to play City of Sin, fully integrated sex toys let you feel the excitement in every bit of the game.

The Fleshlight Launch

The Fleshlight Launch is a whole new evolution in modern VR sex gaming. Many are already familiar with the true to life sensation of a traditional Fleshlight device. What separates the Fleshlight Launch from all the rest are the multisensory connections it is capable of making between you and the content you are enjoying. Feel every pulse, wrinkle, touch and tightness with the world’s most advanced sex toy. Combining all the heat, suction and sensation of real sex with the virtual world you want to explore right now. It’s time to launch your sex life into a whole new orbit of orgasmic fun!


Vstroker for Fleshlight

The Vstroker is a simple, easy to maintain and carefully calibrated sex toy that is uniquely designed to be fully integrated with a number of different kinds of adult entertainment. From JOI videos filmed specifically by Vstroker for use with the device to City Of Sin 3D itself… Vstroker isn’t just a way to feel what’s happening in the sex games you play, it is the primary choice of developers and fans because of its simplicity and versatility. Durable, dependable and always ready when you are… a Vstroker is all you need to get the maximum level of enjoyment out of your City of Sin game play.


FlixBand — Get in sync

Get the most out of yourself with the new FlixBand! Instead of relying on a sex toy, you can augment your own reality by enhancing the natural grip and motion of your own body. Get beyond the need for cleanup and care of any device by simply turning yourself into a device with a VR connected wristband unlike anything you have ever experienced until now. Multiple settings and simple calibration give you the skin to skin contact you seek while providing you with the completely immersive and intimate sensations your genitals demand!


As Real As it Gets!

Paired with next generation haptic devices you can sense and feel every moment of the action with all the excitement, friction and anticipation as the characters portrayed.