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About Me

I’ve taught dozens of ladies how to improve their game. Some end up going pro on the tour, but most are just looking to win matches in club tournaments. The key to my teaching style is simple. You have to practice the same way you plan to play. Every detail matters, and if you aren’t going to do it right… you shouldn’t bother doing it at all.

Some of the ladies call me Rick the Dick with a giggle, and their husbands all think it’s because I’m so strict during their coaching sessions. The truth is that’s an inside joke we share because once these horny housewives get comfortable with me, they find out that I apply the exact same attention to detail during sex. We practice fucking with all the vim and vigor we put into their serve and volley. Are you up for a lesson?

My Info

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Tennis Instructor
Slogan :
Ladies at the club call me Rick The Dick for a reason….

As Real As it Gets

Paired with next generation haptic devices you can sense and feel every moment of the action with all the excitement, friction and anticipation as the characters portrayed.