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About Me

Looking for a rich guy or a jock or whatever, that’s not me. I’m not all about the ego, and I don’t feel like I should have to prove anything to anyone. I’m just Gerard, a gentle soul with a deep love of music. The way the melody mingles when two people are right for each other, the shared pauses and silences that make the rest of the rhythm all make sense… a great night of sex is like an amazing song… it lives in your memory forever.

You could run off with these other guys, but if you are being honest with yourself, that’s not what you really want. Go for substance over style and give yourself the gift of genuine emotion. Yes it’s fun to hop from bed to bed night after night; we’ve all done it at some point in our lives… but if you have outgrown that experience and want something far more meaningful… give me a call.

My Info

Birthday :
Family status :
Married and Cheating
English and Gaelic
Education :
Conservatory Trained
Current Job :
Slogan :
Let’s make sweet music together

As Real As it Gets

Paired with next generation haptic devices you can sense and feel every moment of the action with all the excitement, friction and anticipation as the characters portrayed.